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Ohio Tobacco Quit Line

How can the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line (800-QUIT-NOW) help you quit tobacco?

The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line is a tobacco cessation resource available to uninsured individuals, Medicaid recipients, pregnant women and members of the Ohio Tobacco Collaborative free of charge.

The Quit Line is designed for people who are ready to quit using tobacco, and people who want to make sure they have the support and the motivation to stay tobacco-free. When you call and enroll, you’re paired with an experienced quit specialist who will work with you to set a quit date and design a quit plan customized to your pattern of tobacco use.

Quit specialists work on your time with your individual plan, and the process is confidential. It’s also successful. Quit specialists are armed with ways to help you keep tobacco use at bay while you’re adjusting to living tobacco-free, and callers to the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line are five times more likely to successfully quit smoking than people who quit cold turkey 800-QUIT-NOW can be used along with other cessation programs and medications; in fact, cessation support along with nicotine replacement therapy, such as the patch, is proven to be one of the most effective “one-two punches” against tobacco use.

The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line has helped tens of thousands Ohioans take a giant step toward ending their tobacco use for good.

When you’re ready, we’re here to help.


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Cessation Resources - compilation of information received at ODH about local, state and national tools available to help you quit using tobacco. 

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