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Creating Healthy Communities 

The Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) Program provides funding to 16 local counties to address the risk factors of poor nutrition, tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle and chronic disease in schools, worksites, health care and community settings.  The CHC Program uses population-based, evidence-based approach to expand and enhance a community’s ability to develop policies, systems and environmental changes that can prevent chronic disease.

The CHC Program developed a Healthy Communities Checklist to use as an environmental scan for the urban and rural/suburban communities.  This allows the counties to establish a baseline assessment of health program available in each priority community as they relate to environmental, systems and policy issues specific to chronic diseases.  Once completed by the community coalition it can be used to:

  • Identify resources, capacity and needs

  • Establish priorities and interventions

  • Focus project direction on population-based activities

New! Creating Healthy Communities 2013 Success Stories

New! Creating Healthy Communities Infographic

Last Reviewed 04/02/2014