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Active Living

Active Living

Maintaining a healthy weight can be accomplished through eating healthy and staying physically active. There are many ways to get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Divide your daily routine into a few 10- to 15-minute activity breaks and you are on your way. Your kids should also be active throughout the day. Here are a few ideas to be more active — at work, school, home, and in your neighborhood.

Be Active at Work

  • Walk during breaks or at lunchtime.
  • Start a Walking Club.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
  • Ride your bike to work.
  • Park your car farther away from the entrance and walk.
  • Get on and off the bus a couple of blocks away from your work.

Be Active at School

  • Ride bikes or walk to school with your child. Take turns with other parents and neighbors.
  • Encourage your child to go outside and play during recess and lunch — jump rope, walk, run, or play kick-ball, basketball or soccer.

Be Active at Home

  • Take family walks in the evening after dinner.
  • Play with your kids — dance, jump rope, play tag or hide-and-go-seek.
  • Dance to your favorite music.
  • Plant a family garden and eat what you grow.
  • Limit screen time to two hours or less each day. This includes TV, computers, and video games.
  • Exercise while watching TV. Challenge family members to crunches and push-ups.
  • Do stretches before bedtime. It may help you and your children relax and sleep better.

Be Active in your Neighborhood

  • Walk, bike, or jog with a friend or family member. Find safe walking paths in your neighborhood.
  • Plant a community garden. Take turns planting and harvesting with your neighbors.
  • Check with your local school, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, or other community groups for low-cost or free after-school and summer programs.
  • Find a local farmers' market and walk to buy your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Visit the Active Living Resources page for additional information on staying physically active.

Last Reviewed 11/12/11