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Concussion in Youth Sports: Ohio's Return-to-Play Law

**Ohio’s Return-to-Play Law went into effect on April 26th, 2013**

Ohio's Youth Concussion Law

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Medical Clearance to Return to Play Form

Ohio Youth Sports Concussion and Head Injury Guidelines Committee

Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet

Online Concussion Management Training

Ohio’s Return to Play Law: Frequently Asked Questions

Ohio’s Return to Play Law: What Coaches and Referees Need to Know

Additional Concussion Resources 


Concussion Information Sheet

Per ORC 3707.52 as enacted by Ohio HB 143 of the 129th General Assembly, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is required to create a concussion information sheet for participants in interscholastic activities and youth sports.

Interscholastic Activities:

As of April 26th, 2013, Ohio law (ORC 3313.539 and ORC 3314.03) prohibits schools from allowing a student to practice for or compete in interscholastic athletics (school sports) until the student has submitted this signed form stating that the student and the student's parent or guardian have received the information contained in the sheet. PLEASE NOTE: This form should be submitted to your local school district and not ODH.

Interscholastic Student Athlete Concussion Information Sheet 

Interscholastic Student Athlete Concussion Information Sheet - Spanish Version

Youth Sports Organizations:

Starting April 26th, 2013, Ohio law (ORC 3707.511) requires a youth sports organization to provide this sheet to the parent or guardian of an individual who wishes to practice for or compete in an athletic activity organized by the organization.

Youth Sports Organization Concussion Information Sheet


Online Concussion Management Training

Per ORC 3707.52 as enacted by Ohio HB 143 of the 129th General Assembly, ODH is required to post free training programs that train coaches and referees in recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussions and head injuries.

The three following free online trainings have been approved by ODH for coaches and referees:

1.  National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports - What you Need to Know:

This free on-line course is available through the NFHS. You will need to click the “order here” button and complete a brief registration form to take the course. Follow these steps to complete the course:

Click on the button that says, "please login to order."  In the window that appears, click "Register Now".

  1. When your registration is complete you may "order" the free concussion course offered along the left hand side of the page.  Continue following prompts.  Although it may look like you'll be charged for the course, there is no cost.
  2. Once you have completed "checkout," you'll be able to take the free online course.
  3. When you have completed and passed the course, you have the option of printing a certificate of completion.


2.  National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) Concussion Training:

This free online course is available to all coaches and parents. To register, pass the course and obtain a certificate of completion you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button and complete the brief registration form to create a free account.
  2. From your account you will want to select the “Go to clinic” link to begin.
  3. On the overview page you will need to select the “I want a certificate for this training” button to satisfy the Ohio law and obtain a certificate of completion.
  4. Answer all of the exam questions for each section. When complete, an “Access Your Certificate” link will appear under the More Resources tab for easy printability of your certificate.

Existing NYSCA coaches and PAYS parents can also add concussion training for free to their existing account.


3.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Training:



All three training courses offer a certificate of completion upon successful passage. 

  • NAYS chapters can track coaches who have completed the course and are members of the NYSCA.  To find your own certificate of completion, log in to your free account again, click on the “Go to clinic” link for Concussion Training and select the “Access Your Certificate” link.
  • The CDC course does not allow you to search for or track course completion.  In order to print your certificate of completion, use the print button found within the training.  You will not be able to print the certificate using your tool bar or keyboard, and will be unable to return later to search for your certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ohio's Return to Play Law: Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 5.30.13) document provides detailed information regarding Ohio's Return to Play Law. 

More Information For Coaches, Referees and Parents

Coaches and Referees

Ohio’s Return to Play Law: What Coaches and Referees Need to Know - Youth Sports

Ohio’s Return to Play Law: What Coaches and Referees Need to Know - School Sports

Parents and Guardians

The following factsheets are intended to provide more information about the requirements of the law and are different from the ODH Concussion Information Sheets which must be distributed to parents, guardians and athletes by schools and youth sports organizations.

Ohio’s Return to Play Law: What Parent/Guardians Need to Know - Youth Sports

Ohio's Return to Play Law: What Parent/Guardians Need to Know - School Sports


Additional Concussion Resources             

Ohio Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program - Sports/Recreation Traumatic Brain Injuries

CDC Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports (English Version) (Spanish Version)

CDC Concussion Treatment and Management Materials for Health Care Providers

CDC Materials on Returning to School for Parents, School Nurses and Educators

Ohio Legislative Service Commission HB 143 Bill Analysis

Nationwide Children's Hospital - Concussion Information Toolkits - For Athletes  |  For Coaches  | For Parents | For Educators | For School Administrators 

Center for Concussion Rocky Mountain Youth Sports Medicine Institute - REAP Concussion Management Program

Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership - Sports Injury Prevention Grant Resource Guide

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidance on “Returning to Learning” After Concussion 

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